Oklahoma leads the way in senior assisted living

Some of the most innovative approaches to senior care are available in Oklahoma. From care homes to assisted living communities, we'll help you find the right fit! Contact us for more information.

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With Assisted Living in Oklahoma, You'll Always Feel at Home!

Safety and Security

Common areas and grounds are monitored by state-of-the-art surveillance to ensure safety and security while respecting resident privacy in their own rooms.

Home Cooked Meals

Certified dieticians design our menu for the nutritional needs of seniors, but our professional cooks prepare home cooked meals to individual preferences.

Personal Caregivers

Our carefully selected and background-checked staff offers residents quality and respectful assistance for medication, meals, hygiene and mobility.

Daily Activities

Assisted living in Oklahoma is making life fun for seniors, with movie screenings, games, gardening, books, scheduled activities and holiday celebrations.

About Us

Every stage of life should be lived with grace, dignity and confidence. Here in Oklahoma, our seniors have many options for receiving care in a nurturing environment that supports their independent outlook. At Assisted Living OK, we help you find the right services for you or your loved ones.   


Oklahoma’s low cost of living allows seniors to enjoy a comfortable and dignified life at the state’s premier retirement homes and assisted living centers.

Quality Lifestyle

The independence of living at home comes at the cost of many amenities, services, and even company. Senior communities offer independence and a quality lifestyle.

24-Hour Medical Services

Assisted living communities in Oklahoma must have a Registered Nurse on staff. Staff nurses can provide basic medical care and ensure proper medical attention is called at any time of day.

Proffessional Staff

Staff at Oklahoma’s assisted living and retirement homes are trained in medical and nursing care, licensed and certified. They are background-checked to ensure the provision of quality care.

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